How to plan your Christmas break: holiday vs work

With weeks of holidays and Christmas treats ahead of us, it’s easy to forget the next year may need some planning. We asked some students from universities across London how they will manage their time during this year’s Christmas break. christmas

Planning during the holidays is always hard: everyone needs to balance out some well-deserved rest with exam revision and coursework. But how do undergraduates cope with the Christmas break?

According to a group of students from universities across London, the key to productive Christmas holidays is allowing yourself a well-deserved break before starting back revision in January. Here are their top tips:

  • Give yourself a break
  • Plan your schedule according to your skills
  • Don’t overwork yourself – recharge your batteries!
  • Your family is still a priority

Business student Anam says : “For me it’s about starting early because I know I won’t be able to stick to my schedule. So I’ve started now and I plan to work till the 23rd, after which I will give myself a much deserved break till the 2nd when I start working again.”

Anam adds that she really needs to rest up not to feel overworked.

Journalism student Karoline says: “I’ll probably use two weeks studying during the break, but I’ll make sure to have a few weeks off before getting my head back into uni work.”

She adds: “My main priority is to relax and charge my deflated batteries so I’m ready for the up-coming term.”

Drama student Dimitris says his course doesn’t require revising. He adds: “We are assessed constantly as it is part of the acting training. Instead of revising, the Christmas holidays are for self-reflection and time to gather and comprehend the process that has happened within the previous term.”

Italian Journalism student Martina will spend her holidays back in Italy. She says: “I’ll make sure to relax until Christmas. When I will go back to London in January I will start to revise and study, and I am sure I will be 100% ready to start again.”


She adds: “Going home for me is like charging my batteries, but I need to empty my brain first and find the motivation to work hard!”

Engineering third-year Nicolas says he will spend three weeks of the holidays back home in the Dominican Republic with his family. He says: “Studying and revising is definitely a very important aspect of my life as a third (and final) year student. However, my family is a more important aspect and consequently working and revising is out of the question for the weeks I will be spending with them.”

Nicolas adds: “I won’t be doing anything between mid-December and the 5th January. Then, of course, I will study my heart out.”

BA Journalism third-year Yasmine says: “I think the key is to decide what needs to be prioritised. This winter break I will probably coming up with ideas for the projects we have next year. Although I can’t see this happening until the new year, as right now all I can think about is how much I want to drink mulled wine, eat yule logs and do nothing!”

A very merry Christmas and good luck with revision by the staff at Futureboard!photo

Pictures by:;; Futureboard.


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