The secret to a panic-free exam period

January is a time for new beginnings – and exams. Getting back into the studying rhythm after the holidays might be tough. Read these students’ advice to stay on the right track.Exams

Most students agree that getting some proper sleep in the exam period is essential for good results and a panic-free month.

Cambridge Medicine student Petros says: “I try prioritising sleep, nothing gets done properly without it. Also setting yourself a daily goal (hopefully realistic) always helps.”sleep

Forensic Science student Camilla says going to bed early and having good food is essential to keep you focused. She says: “Last year I had way too many all-nighters and energy drinks! I’m trying to be healthier and more relaxed now.”

Business student Xixi says: “I try to stick to my timetable: the last two years were a bit hectic and I panicked at the last minute.”Stress Worry Woman with Text on White

Journalism student Grace says: “Timetables are great. I would say have a 15 minute break every two hours at least .”

Grace adds: “Grab someone – like a boyfriend or a family member – who doesn’t know about what you have to learn and talk about it.  They will want more information because they don’t know about it. I find this really helps you remember and think, ‘Ah I couldn’t answer that bit – maybe I need to revise it over ‘.”

Best luck with your exams from Futureboard!

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