The Common Mistakes in Skype Interviews

Skype interviews allow you to face a daunting test from the comfort of your own room – but this doesn’t mean you should take them less seriously. The Futureboard staff share the most common mistakes candidates make on a Skype interview.

According to Kiera McDaid, consultant at Futureboard, practicing a Skype interview is important, because Skype is less forgiving than a face-to-face environment. She says:“You can get away with pausing in a face to face environment or on the phone, but in a Skype interview your entire face is close up to the screen, you are very exposed to the interviewer. “

She adds:“You need to practice your composure and avoid being too shocked or terrified looking at an unexpected question.”

Joanne Keilt, consultant at Futureboard, says one of the most common mistakes candidates make on Skype is failing to build rapport at the start of the interview. She says:“Although it is online, you still need to be able to engage in small-talk at the start of the interview to relax yourself and show you can hold a good conversation. Don’t just stare at the screen and wait for your interviewer to talk!”

Joanne adds many candidates avoid eye-contact and surf the Internet during the interview. She says:“Don’t Google answers mid-interview…we can see you!”

 According to Joanne, choosing the wrong place for the interview is another common mistake. She says:“If you are interviewing for a new job in a meeting room you’ve booked at your current work, you might not be able to relax and give the best impression of yourself.”

Joanne says that only dressing appropriately on your top half can sometimes hinder your interview performance. She says:“Being in business dress might make you feel the part and help with your performance. And what if you suddenly have to stand up?”

Want to know more about Futureboard’s top tips for perfect Skype interviews? Read here.

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