Assessment Centre tips: Presentations

A common exercise during assessment centres is giving a presentation. Read on to find out about Futureboard’s tips for successful assessment centre presentations.541059.TIF

Companies have different requirements when it comes to presentations. Some employers allow you to prepare them beforehand, some of them will give you the topic or the information you’re supposed to present on the day of the assessment centre.

Megan Nee, Consultant at Futureboard, says: “If the company allows you to prepare for a presentation before the assessment centre, they will expect it to be well-planned and they will be very demanding on your organisation skills.”

Megan adds that well-planned presentations show a good grasp of the topic as well as great communications skills. She says: “Being confident and relaxed while holding a presentation is essential, so the key to get it right is: practice, practice, practice with a friend, a family member or someone whose advice you can trust.”

Furthermore, remember to keep eye contact with your audience and engage them, without sounding rushed.

What’s more, the Futureboard staff suggest the most successful presentations are innovative and creative: think about the material you use for your presentations and the visuals you can take advantage of.

Can you show you can think outside the box? Then stay tuned for the next step in assessment centres: interviews.

Picture by: Christopher Witt

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