Hannah’s experience with Futureboard

Cambridge BA Linguistics graduate Hannah is now on her Marketing Graduate scheme. We got back in touch to ask about her experience with Futureboard.


Hannah, first from left

Hannah says the interviewing process for her Marketing scheme was “excellent” and that the Futureboard staff were “very professional and friendly”.

Hannah says:  “The interviewers were very relaxed and friendly and so it wasn’t as nerve-wracking and stressful as other interviews can be, and it did not seem to me as if the process was being rushed.”

She adds: “The interviewers rather than rigidly sticking to a script, asked follow-up questions and made it possible for  me to elaborate and clarify certain aspects of my answers.”

Hannah says she received useful feedback from Futureboard at all stages of her application process. She says: “I think that the process was a lot more transparent with Futureboard than with other interviews I have had.

“I also think that Futureboard stood out since instead of sending out blanket emails, they made an effort to engage with the interviewees and made each experience feel personalised.”

Hannah now plans to carry on with her graduate scheme and see where it takes her in the future.

Good luck Hannah!

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