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Futureboard’s Katherine Travell on Guardian Careers

Last week Futureboard’s Managing Director Katherine Travell took part in a Live Chat on professional development hosted by Guardian Careers.gp_careers-logo-v2_rgb_colour_1-line

The main questions focused on career changes, dealing with difficult bosses and finding out recruiters’ requirements.

Katherine says: “I was really happy to take part, I really enjoyed it.”

Katherine says the Guardian’s Live Chat was something completely different from what she had done before: “It was quite challenging! Here at Futureboard we’re used to talking to people in person or on the phone, so it was strange and interesting to answer such interesting question while dealing with online speed.”

Katherine adds: “It was really fun, I’d love to do it again!”

If you’d like to get in touch with Futureboard, don’t hesitate to contact us through social media or to give us a call on the number you find on our Contact Us page.

Picture by: Guardian Careers

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BT Emerging Technologies Event

Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th February, Futureboard are helping BT host an “Insight into technology” event followed by networking from 5 to 7 PM at the BT Centre, just opposite St Paul’s Tube Station.BT

The event is for all students keen to explore cutting edge technologies. If you’re about to take part, here are a few reminders:

  • Dress smart. Suit and tie are not compulsory, but remember to be presentable;
  • Do your research: remember what the company is already involved in;
  • Speak up: don’t be shy and ask questions. There will be many opportunities to ask and make a good impression throughout the evening, so don’t wait for the networking session!
  • Don’t be a spectator, participate!
  • Remember to be polite to everyone, no matter their role. It will be noted.

If you’d like to read more networking tips, check out this article.

Picture by: BT

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Volunteering can help your career

Volunteering is not just a gratifying, helpful experience – it can boost your CV and skills too.I-Volunteer

Volunteering can be challenging – but it helps you find out about skills you might have never thought you had before. Megan Nee, consultant at Futureboard, says: “Apart from being important on a social and world level, volunteering can help you answer competency questions in job interviews.” Continue reading

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Futureboard Graduates: Lori’s guest post

Former Futureboard graduate Lori Peterson updates us on where she is now, sharing some top tips and first-person insight in the oil business. Lori Peterson BP HR 2012

My name is Lori and I’m currently on an HR graduate scheme with a major oil company.

My first rotation has been in a specialised area of reward.  I work in a team that facilitates the management and delivery of our reward programmes and communications from a systems perspective, working in partnership with technical experts.

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What do employers look for on social media?

“Look after your personal brand” seems to be these past few years’ mantra when it comes to matching employability to your online presence. But what do recruiters actually look for on social media?onlinerep

After almost 80 per cent of employers has admitted to have Googled candidates, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a good online reputation.  Futureboard’s staff makes a point out of being Internet savvy: everyone here uses social media to headhunt the best graduates and students in the market. Continue reading

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Futureboard on Campus!

Did you know that Futureboard will be on campus promoting job opportunities?fb cover photo with mnda

Here are the activities we will be taking part in:

  • Wed 19th February-  York Shock Soc coming to Futureboard offices for a skills session
  • Wed 26th February- Sheffield
  • Wed 26th February- ‘Careers in Software’, BT Event- St Pauls, London
  • Mon 10th March- Birmingham pub quiz

 Get in touch if you want us to run any workshop with your society!

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Futureboard graduates: Marco’s story

Former Futureboard graduate Marco is now working in the Operations sector of a major food company. Read more to know how he got there.Marco Sarussi

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Tattoos and piercings: good or bad for your career?

With employers still unsure about hiring candidates with tattoos, the Futureboard staff share their views. Read on to find out what they think about piercings and tattoos in the application process.which-nba-players-have-the-craziest-tattoos-1008491620-may-23-2013-1-600x500

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