Tattoos and piercings: good or bad for your career?

With employers still unsure about hiring candidates with tattoos, the Futureboard staff share their views. Read on to find out what they think about piercings and tattoos in the application process.which-nba-players-have-the-craziest-tattoos-1008491620-may-23-2013-1-600x500

Nathan Doig, consultant at Futureboard, says: “People are more tolerant towards tattoos now, while extreme piercings – such as the stretched ones – are still frowned upon.”piercings20tattoo20convention20frankfurt

When it comes to tattoos and piercings, Nathan suggests you should always consider the industry you’re going to work in. He says: “Sleeve tattoos are all right if you’re working for a fashion or marketing firm. Not so much for banking or law firms.”

Nathan thinks covering up tattoos in the application process is the safest option for a candidate: you can show them once you have been hired.

Megan Nee, consultant at Futureboard, says: “With tattoos I would say for me it depends on the size and the positioning on the body. I would probably cover them up if possible.”

Nick Barker, consultant at Futureboard, says he doesn’t mind seeing small tattoos: “I’m generally not offended or bothered by tattoos if they’re not massive.  But  watch out – recruiters might be put off if a tattoo is coming out of your collar or something.

Extreme piercings are still a bit of a no-no in the hiring process. Nathan says: “Tone it down with the piercings: take them off for an interview. You may grow over them, so why miss a good opportunity to find a job you like for a fashion statement?”

However, Nathan says that if you’re not prepared to compromise your style for a job, maybe you should re-evaluate the company you’re applying for and consider whether you actually want to work there. 

Pictures by: ChachaRandom Paradise

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