Futureboard graduates: Marco’s story

Former Futureboard graduate Marco is now working in the Operations sector of a major food company. Read more to know how he got there.Marco Sarussi

Lancaster University Business graduate Marco was contacted by Futureboard after they found his CV on Graduate Jobs. He was looking for a “job that was fun, challenging, had further opportunities and good perks”. He is now working in the Operations sector of a major food company

Marco says he received “valuable advice” by the Futureboard staff, who always tried to use a personal touch to his application process. He says: “To be honest I was shocked and delighted that Futureboard were so keen to process my application and help me along the way.”

Marco adds: “I found that other companies treat you as a number, whereas Futureboard placed a personal touch on things.”

Marco says the application process for his graduate scheme was an “extremely smooth and flowing processes with constant communication”. He says: “Some of my applications to other companies were in fact the opposite, delaying and hindering the process.

“It is also great that the hotel/travel is covered, as I previously found myself spending significant amounts of money in order to attend assessment centres.”

Marco now hopes to challenge himself even further by progressing inside the firm he is working for.

Good luck Marco!

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