Futureboard Testimonial: Samuele’s Story

SamueleMachi testimonial

Economics Master student,Samuele, wanted a graduate programme that would enable him to “to learn about the business and contribute to the growth of the company”. He got in touch with Futureboad and applied for a graduate position with an international insurance organisation. Samuele wanted something that offered him to chance to learn more about the industry and use his language skills, so it looked like a great opportunity to move into after his degree.

Samuele says: “I had a very positive experience when applying for the graduate scheme, even though I was not successful in the end.”

He adds: “Firstly, I was particularly impressed by the speed with which my questions were answered. I felt since our first conversation,Futureboard took my background, experience and personality all into consideration.”

Samuele felt very comfortable throughout the interview process with Futureboard. He says: “I appreciated a lot of the suggestions that I received at the end of each stage in order to prepare for the following steps. The feedback I was received really helped me prepare for the next stages. I was encouraged to preform my best: this really kept me motivated to go the extra mile.”

Samuele says that even though he wasn’t successful in his application, he has learnt a lot to help him succeed in the future: “I learnt a lot from the Assessment Centre experience. In particular the feedback that I received after the AC was very constructive and is helping me understand my strengths and my weaknesses and avoid to make the same mistakes moving forward.”

Samuele was impressed by Futureboard’s speed throughout the recruitment process. He says: “From the application till the final stage of the Assessment Center,the process only took one month! I was used to really long processes, so this was a really pleasant surprise.”

Samuele adds: “I felt that Futureboard had particularly tailored the interview questions to the industry and I could feel that the interviewers were enthusiastic about their jobs and motivated to get the best out of you in the interview”

Samuele is now working for an insurance company in Finland. He says he feels “readier than ever” to start again on applications:  “I am going to the ‘battlefield’ with better and improved skills and hope that my next recruitment process will be again with Futureboard with the only difference that I’ll be successful!”

Good luck with the future, Samuele!

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