Happy St Patrick’s Day from Futureboard!

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated every year on  the 17th of March, the death date of Ireland’s Patron saint. It has now become a widely celebrated holiday all over the world. Read on to find out what Futureboard’s Kiera is doing on St. Patrick’s Day.St-Patricks-Day

The holiday of St. Patrick’s Day is surrounded by a number of urban legends and beliefs – banishing snakes, pirate kidnappings, dances and the like. What’s certain is that St Patrick’s Day is inevitably linked to the Irish culture.

For the holiday the customary Lent restrictions on drinking and eating are usually lifted for one day – and it looks like London won’t be missing the chance for a good party.

According to Futureboard’s own Irish national, Kiera McDaid, St. Patrick’s Day has become so popular all over the world because Ireland is a “nation of migrants”. She says she likes to see St.Paddy’s as more of a “celebration of Irishness.”

Kiera says: “Of course I’ll be raising a nice glass of Guinness, but there’s more to St. Patrick’s than just drinking: I love watching the Irish dancing at the parades, reminiscing about cultural legends, listening to the Dubliners, good old Dropkick Murphys and seeing performances of typical folk music with traditional Irish instruments like the uilleann pipes.”

Kiera celebrated St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend with a lovely breakfast to invite everyone into a deeper knowledge of the Irish culture. She says: “I celebrate it because I like to invite people into the Irish way of life. I like having a laugh and learning about new cultures, and St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to learn about Ireland.”

Futureboard wishes you a great – and responsible – St. Patrick’s Day!


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