Futureboard Candidates: Where are they now? Read Adam’s Story

Adam found out about Futureboard through LinkedIn during his final year as an Accounting and Finance student at the University of Bath. Here’s his story. Adam Paton testimonial

Adam wanted to be part of a “challenging marketplace” and work on a finance graduate scheme. He says: “I have always had a flair and an interest in the core running of a business to which I can add value.”

Adam calls his experience with Futureboard “fantastic”. He says: “I was kept up to date with any new information quickly and efficiently.

“The process was fast compared to most I had been on and the style of interviews allowed me to relax and be myself, which ultimately helped me secure an offer.”

Adam says that, since Futureboard’s interviewing process was quicker than the others he had experienced, he could focus more on his final-year exams.

He adds: “I was given all the details I needed about the job and could ask in confidence about any issues, which is vital to making sure the job in question really is the right one for you.” Adam says he is “feeling very satisfied with the role” he has been offered. He is “excited for the career challenges ahead” while he hopes to achieve the goals he has set himself.

Adam hopes to gain experience across a wide range of areas in the Ingredients sector. He says: “Ideally, one day I hope to become Finance Director or CEO of a global organisation and this career should lay the foundations for that.”

For Adam, “The entire team were fantastic and a pleasure to work with.” He says: “I would recommend Futureboard to anyone, the process has been the best I have experienced and the staff were always friendly and attentive to my needs.”

Futureboard wishes you the best of luck with your future in finance, Adam!

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