Futureboard testimonials: Carolina’s story

As my journey with Futureboard reaches its conclusion, I study to sit my final-year exams and get ready to enter the job market. Read on to find out about my experience as part of the Futureboard team. By Carolina Are1277897_10203535169210055_30498316_o

I was contacted by Futureboard Consulting on LinkedIn during my final year as a BA Journalism student at City University, London. At the time, the future looked like one big question mark and I wasn’t really sure about what I wanted to do after graduation.

I had been working with social media for years, but I didn’t know that could turn into a job: it was flattering to know that someone out there wanted me to achieve my potential.

I fell for Futureboard’s approach and attitude towards candidates from my first telephone interview for the position as the company’s Social Media Assistant. After really brisk interviews in the media industry, I was surprised by how caring and genuinely interested about my skills and hobbies the Futureboard team sounded.

Working for Futureboard was amazing from day one: I felt part of a team although I was only coming in once a week because of my university commitments. Used to internships with little team bonding, it was great to be invited to team events. I was really moved when my colleagues showed up with two birthday cakes and cards when I turned 21 the week after my first day at the office.

Thanks to my time here at Futureboard I learnt how to present myself professionally: I now feel really confident in sending out application emails or answering questions during job interviews.

Working for Futureboard made me understand what I really wanted to do after graduation: I understood I wanted to work in PR, Communications and Advertising rather than pursue a journalism career.

I would recommend Futureboard to anyone: whether you’re looking for a graduate scheme or for an amazing office and learning experience, these people will actually care about you and help you develop to reach your full potential.

These six months have shaped me more than I would have ever thought. Thanks Futureboard!

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