Here We Go Again: Futureboard are on Campus!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Milton Berle


Futureboard will be on campus at a variety of universities over the next 8 weeks and we hope to find you in good stead as university life begins (or continues) for many students across the country. The universities we will be at include:

  • Aston
  • Essex
  • UCL
  • Sheffield
  • York
  • Birmingham

Futureboard are working on a range of graduate roles across a range of sectors (including business and technology) and our campus tour 2014/15 aims to facilitate discussions with, and provide opportunities to, student groups, societies, clubs and individuals.

We are happy to work with any size of group to discuss graduate job search concerns and the challenges you’re facing, or perhaps how you can improve at assessing your own skills and applying these to different opportunities and ultimately, a job you love. Whether you’re a small committee or a whole society, we’re keen to flex our approach to aid your knowledge and progress.

Futureboard has the advantage of working in close partnership with graduate employers and so has a deeper level of understanding of what employers expect from candidates and as a result, what candidates need to do to tackle the graduate job market successfully.

When looking for the ideal career choice amidst the all-consuming pressure of exams and dissertations, it can be difficult to stop, take stock and think ‘What are my priorities right now?’ but we can help! If you would like to have a chat about; CV’s, interviews or general career advice, send us a tweet/email and we can arrange a time to have a coffee! …/pub quiz!

Matthew and Nathan

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