Jobs and Degrees amidst Technological Development and Revolution


What you do with a degree whether it is business, history or computer science is a matter of personal interests and preference. Graduate jobs, like your modules and degree course undertaken, vary a lot in content, required skills and so do the opportunities available to you as a graduate.

Nevertheless possessing a degree that is particularly relevant to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in an age of technological revolution and innovation give the average STEM graduate a considerable advantage in the job market. Variety is considerable and opportunities are vast.

There hasn’t been a more exciting time to be working in IT. With the advent of cloud computing and the proliferation of open/source software development, the number of emerging technologies to work with is growing at an incredible rate. With the ‘digital natives’ or ‘Generation Z’ on their way into the workplace (who are said to be adept at multi-tasking and being ‘naturals’ with technology, online and social communication and presence) these are exciting times!

As Rachel Maher from Impact International quotes “almost half of those on graduate training schemes (47%) plan to harness technological innovations in the future….when integrated correctly such development can create virtual worlds that are both…collaborative…instantly accessible and a rich and knowledgeable community.”

The pace of software and technology is moving so fast that there are always new and fascinating areas to venture into and so the field never gets tiresome. It is about constant innovation working with experience, the more traditional ideas tried and tested with the more modern and sophisticated programming be it hardware or software.


However as more programs are developed in these ‘virtual’ or ‘open-source’ (free distribution of code amongst people who program in their spare time and professions) communities by individuals and companies (large and small) it is not only beneficial to independent or corporate organisations. It is valuable to the global technological community which is constantly being improved tested, not by trial and error but by trial and seeing how someone else tackles particular technological developments and offers wider and more diverse software.

Technology, like many other businesses requires a mixture of individual’s and profiles and not simply introverts who love to code. They need business leaders to manager technical projects, graphic designers to create memorable brands, business developers to sell their products and entrepreneurs to innovate and make bigger things happen.

The technology industry is becoming increasingly appealing to the current and emerging generations. There are endless opportunities and unlimited boundaries and horizons. There are ‘thousands of paths’ in IT and that is the beauty of technology that many other sectors cannot offer.

Companies are expecting graduates outside of the technology sector to have competent and innovative skills when it comes to technology and there are even examples of students taken an optional year out of their degrees to do a one year degree in computer science. The pressure to stand out is enormous and adapting to that is both a demand as well as an opportunity. Futureboard is working with some exciting technology companies and will be on campus at a variety of universities over the next 8 weeks and we hope to find you in good stead as university life begins (or continues) for many students across the country. The universities we will be at include:

  • Aston
  • Essex
  • UCL
  • Sheffield
  • York
  • Birmingham

Futureboard are working on a range of graduate roles across a range of sectors (including technology) and our campus tour 2014/15 aims to facilitate discussions with, and provide opportunities to, student groups, societies, clubs and individuals.

When looking for the ideal career choice amidst the all-consuming pressure of exams and dissertations, it can be difficult to stop, ponder and think ‘What are my priorities right now?’ but we can assist you! If you would like to have a chat about; CV’s, interviews or general career advice in technology, meet us on Campus, send us a tweet/email and we can arrange a time to have a coffee!

Matthew and Lottie


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