Futureboard Testimonial: Tom’s Story

Tom’s career was established straight from the onset of life at Nottingham University; he wanted to go into the technology industry and develop his career within the given industry. “It was always the plan from when I started university to use the computer science degree as a starting point to become established in the sector.”

Tom attended an evening event hosted by Futureboard (whom he had recently found on LinkedIn) which had been arranged by between Futureboard and Nottingham University‘s Comp Society in October 2012.  This is where he got a good feel for what the  graduate scheme that Futureboard discussed had to offer. While his career path was decided he believed the event increasingly focused his options in his final year of university and provided him invaluable insight into the scheme.

He said “The event wasn’t like the standard lecture that many other companies do, it was informal and down to earth where it was quite easy to ask current graduates on the scheme and Futureboard about the opportunities involved and how to apply.”

Leaflets and details were distributed to curious graduates alongside Tom and there was also the chance to chat with both Futureboard staff and BT graduates after the initial presentation with food and drink on offer.

A few weeks after the event Tom started the application process with Futureboard which included; an online application form with competency questions, followed by some online tests which helped filter out competition for the roles on offer. After passing the online tests he had phone interview with Megan which included background questions and questions about relevant work experience. This was followed by a video Skype interview with Nick the latter of which included job specific questions in software engineering and the role he was applying for.

Days later he was invited to an Assessment Centre. It included a group exercise, an individual interview and an analysis exercise.  Within a few weeks Tom had a job on the graduate scheme at BT after receiving a call from Futureboard! Afterwards, he was provided with positive feedback regarding the assessment centre process and his positive performance and tips in terms of improving performance and development.

Throughout, Tom described his experience with Futureboard as “Really useful! The team were extremely prompt and proactive, I didn’t have to wait for weeks waiting for responses which often the case when going through the processes of application and interviews” and “they got back to me in a matter days in both a professional and efficient manner in all areas including feedback” On top of that he also described the Futureboard experience as “very friendly and warm”. The team was helpful and answered all the queries and concerns he had while working through the process.

His role as Graduate Software Developer involves analysis, logical thinking, teamwork and a great attention to detail. Typically, his role includes designing and programming systems, which means he’s actively involved in talking to clients and colleagues to assess and define what solution or system is needed. His communication and technical skills are crucial to the role.

I asked Tom of his plans for the future and he replied that he was looking forward to completing the graduate scheme. “This role has set me up for the foundations on which I can build a great career within the technology industry.”

Futureboard wishes you the best of luck with your future in the technology industry, Tom!



Futureboard are working on a range of technology roles ranging from software development, to security to network engineering. Please do get in touch with us on 0203 179 4505 if you’re in your final year and want to utilise your Computer Science or Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree. We can help!


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