Soft Skills: Key to Securing the Job?

Military Values in the Workplace

Big Things Have Small Beginnings: How Small Habits Make a World of Difference.

Enter the Millennial and Digital Natives.

Personality, ‘Types’, and Working Styles.

The City’s Got Talent – How Attractive is the City to Graduates?

International Students: Do They Have Anything to Fear Studying in the UK?

Jobs and Degrees Amidst Technological Development and Revolution.

What can I do if a Graduate Degree is Insufficient into Today’s Job Market?

How I am Learning to Listen.

Unpaid Internships: When Should You Stop?

Planning Ahead: Making the Most of Your Gap Year.

Five Networking Cliches

Social Media

Enhancing your Social Media Profile.

 What do Employers look for on Social Media?

The Linkedin Staff’s Tips for the Perfect Linkedin Profile

 Interview Tips

What to Wear on at Job Interview or Assessment Centre.

Nathan’s Guide to First Impressions

CVs and Cover Letters- What Should you Write?

How to Research a Company for a Job Interview.

Tell Us About Yourself.

How to use your dissertation to kick off a job interview.

How to Ace competency questions in job interviews.

How to Ace Competency Interviews- Part 2

Assessment Centre Tips.

Assessment Centre Tips: Case Studies

Assessment Centre Tips: Group Exercise

The Common Mistakes to make in Skype Interviews.

Do you have any questions?

How to follow up after a job interview.


Exam Period: An Important Learning Process

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